Doc. Nancy wants her patients to live a life they love and one that has purpose. She strives to bring meaning and understanding to her patients about their illness. She listens to her patients concerns and works with them to create care that feels good for them and her.

Doc Nancy | Therapy Session

Psychiatric Evaluation

Doc. Nancy understands how difficult it can be to seek out help. She wants to honor your bravery by making sure she understands who you are. For all new patients, Nancy ensures you will receive a full evaluation where she will look at your medical history, daily life habits, symptoms, and patterns of your illness.

She will then discuss treatment options where she encourages you, the patient, to collaborate with her, to make sure you get the care you're most comfortable with. Doc. Nancy specializes in working with children and adults who suffer from ADHD, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression and Co-Occuring Disorders.

Our mission is to bring meaning and purpose into the lives of our patients and to care for them the best way we can.

Medication Management

Doc. Nancy's priority is to ensure her patients are taken care of, which is why she not only prescribes medication to those patients who need medication, she also manages the medication intake of her patients, so she knows they're sticking with their medication regimen and not mixing their medication with products or other medications that could potentially harm them. She is focused on ensuring her patients use their medication appropriately and at the dose prescribed to them.

She makes sure to educate all of her patients on the medication(s) they're taking, when to take them, how many to take at a time and what drugs to stay away from when they're on their medication.

Doc. Nancy works with primary care providers and therapists to provide coordinated care for her patients.

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